Frequently Asked Questions


 Is a hotel room included in the ticket price? 

No—but we were able to finagle a pretty super duper special rate for you. Just make sure to tell them you’re part of our gang (matching tattoos coming soon).

Are meals included in the ticket price?

No—but we will be parking some of Scottsdale’s most popular food trucks at the hotel for lunch breaks. Between those and the Saguaro’s fantabulous food, you won’t go hungry. BUT we will be providing the most important sustenance daily: coffee. OK—you talked us into it; we’ll even include water and tea. Sheesh…such divas. (insert eye roll here)

Before you ask: Yeppers, we will have options for vegans, vegetarians and gluten free munchers…nom nom nom.

Is airfare or airport transportation included in the price of the ticket?

No—but free, family-style, I-haven’t-seen-you-in-years hugs are once you get to the hotel. Or high-fives if you’re not a hugger (we reserve the right to make fun of you for that at any given time though). Suggested transport would be taxi, uber, jogging, walking at a fast pace, or hitchhiking. Just kidding! That’s so dangerous! Don’t walk too fast; you could fall.

What IS included in my ticket?

Ohhhhhhh get ready ‘cuz here we go… 

      • Admittance to the Conference and for guests staying at the hotel, all of the amenities at The Saguaro including parking, bike usage, wifi, pools, fitness center, spa, restaurants and nude swim parties…OK, OK…just kidding on that last one (I know…so disappointing, right?!?)

      • Admittance to the Vendor Room, giving you access to photography’s top businesses that offer every product and service you could imagine.

      • Swag bags ACTUALLY filled with shhhtuff you’ll like and use.

      • Welcome Reception and kickoff, including 1 drink ticket (2 for VIP ticket holders), light hors d’oeuvres, cash bar, welcome speech that will knock your socks off and general merriment that doesn’t require socks.

      • Three whole days of nothing but edu-ma-cation to blow your mind, including 3 morning keynote lectures, optional hands-on shoots in the afternoon, and 2 additional lectures to choose from in the evenings.

      • Closing Party on our last night, including 1 drink ticket (2 for VIP ticket holders), heavy hors d’oeuvres, cash bar, speeches that will make you cry (in a good way…um…we hope), prizes, and giveaways PLUS dancing the night away after all the other shhhtuff.

      • For other specific inclusions based on the type of ticket you bought, please mosey on over to this page.

Are tickets refundable or transferrable?

Sorry, no givsies backsies, unless there has been a death in the family, military orders, catastrophic weather or alien abduction. Documentation required. What? If aliens can communicate by ESP they can certainly write you an excuse.  

Nopers, you can’t super-sleuth it and give your ticket to a friend. I.D. is required at registration.

Talk to me about the hotel and conference registration.

    • Parking is included in your resort fee, and is free for guests and includes overnight parking.

    • Registration will begin at 12pm at the hotel. We will not be sending tickets to you, so upon your arrival at the hotel simply approach any of the good-looking people at the available registration tables and tell them your name. You will need to show I.D. Driver’s License or passport is acceptable forms of identification. A homemade drawing of a likeness of you by your baby sister is not.

    • International travelers might wanna check this site out.

    • You will be given shhhhtuff including your swag bag of goodies, itinerary and other random shhhtuff we deem necessary that we haven’t thought of yet.

    • Check in at The Saguaro is at 4:00 pm and check out is at 12:00 pm so feel free to roam around the grounds until you can get your room…but, you know…not, like, in a creepy way or anything.

    • If you need to store items before check-in, the front desk will be able to assist you with that. Or you can give it all to us and we’ll take care of it….muhahahahahaha!

Should I bring my camera?

  • Yessiree! If you chose to add-on any hands-on shooting experiences you’ll definitely need your camera for those. We will also have 6 shooting bays in and around the resort with live models where you can practice and portfolio build. Plus you just never know when brilliance will strike you and you’ll want to do a shoot while here!

Is there a dress code?

  • Yes—we do not allow nudity, except in the privacy of our own room, of course. Otherwise, dress comfortably and properly for Arizona weather during the month of April.