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The Details

April 5th - 9th, 2020

Scottsdale, arizona
the saguaro hotel

admission starting at $950
Payment plans available


All the reasons YOU want to attend the conference

√ Because you’re ready to catapult your business to the next level by learning directly from the industry’s most successful working photographers.
√ Because you want to be magnificently inspired from photographers that have been featured in such magazines as Marie Claire, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar, spoken at TedTalks, and received awards both nationally and internationally.
√ Because you are SO TIRED of paying to attend conferences that focus the least amount of material and exposure to the genre of boudoir, and SO EXCITED to attend a conference that focuses 100% on the genre you’re so proud to be a part of!
√ Because you cannot WAIT to attend a conference that is equal parts quality and cutting edge education AND activities that are actually fun, like happy hours, cocktail parties, giveaways, vendor shopping experiences, selfie stations, and contests.

√ Because you want the opportunity to put your camera where you brain is and shoot to your heart’s content at the shooting bays, all while taking photos home for your own portfolio.
√ Because you’re over-the-moon to be able to create your own conference experience by only purchasing admittance to what you really want to experience while not having to pay for what you know is not for you.
√ Because you’re ready to start turning your dream into a reality that can be taken all the way to the bank.
√ Because you’re ready to ruffle the settled feathers in your business and reignite your passion for photography.
√ Because you want to be a part of and grow with something bigger than the boudoir community has ever seen, all while making professional connections and personal friendships that will last.


Because you know in your heart of hearts THIS conference is worth it. THIS conference is THE place to be. THIS conference is different than all the rest. THIS conference is just the beginning…and THIS conference is where you belong.


Who’s who?


What if you could be in the same place as photographers that have taught, been recognized, and won awards internationally, spoken at TEDx, are ambassadors to the biggest product names in the industry, have had work featured in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire, been internationally published, are authors of multiple books, have photographed celebrities, all with years and years of combined photography educational experience intermixed with gobs of experience on being successful working photographers?

Well…you can.

Welcome. Let me introduce you to some of the industry’s top photographers in boudoir, beauty, portraiture, and just plain art. Click to see all of the extraordinarily talented artists that have been handpicked by us, The Art & Business of Boudoir team. Our top priority was to make sure each and every one of you has the opportunity to listen, learn and spend time with each educator, most of whom will be staying the entire duration of the conference, just for you.

Take some time, grab a glass of wine and peruse through your team of educators…and get excited. What we have in store for you is going to both astonish and impress you!


The Location

Pool days & margaritas are at your fingertips at Saguaro PLUS Old Town’s best shopping, art & dining is also (literally) steps away. 

POOL AREA-196.jpg




The Art & Business of Boudoir Conference is a first-of-its-kind symposium that is exclusive to Boudoir & Editorial-style photography. This conference is for amateur, professional, and emerging Boudoir & Editorial-style photographers seeking to seriously up their game through first-rate education, content building opportunities, fun networking, and business building.


This 5 day event covers all of this and so much more! Our mission is for each attendee to walk away inspired, armed to the max with new and innovative industry knowledge and on fire to build and continue growing a successful, profitable and sustainable photography business. All attendees will have access to the industry’s top Boudoir & Editorial photography leaders and will be provided with an experience that’s goal is to keep you excited and captivated every step of the way.

If you’re looking for insider knowledge, game-changing opportunities, and exhilarating experiences, whether you are an aspiring or seasoned photographer, this conference is for you!



This is a space of inspiration and imagination. In here, we are all creators, magicians and innovators. This is where you will get ideas, collaborate with others, and basically blow your own mind with the genius and cleverness that you’ll be able to take advantage of. A gathering place where creatives live, en masse, just waiting to be tapped into.

Remember when your mom told you to get your head out of the clouds? Well, in here that’s our main mode of transportation.



Your creations, your collaborations, your new friendships and relationships, and all the buckets of support inside of this conference are what is going to catapult you out into the boudoir photography sphere and really let your wings spread. It’s here that you will find your purpose, your voice, and your biggest cheerleaders, along with the confidence to really grow and blossom your business.

Random dance breakouts and team jackets just might be happening at some point.



Right here, right now…THIS is where the bridge between your dreams and your real life gets built. A life of creativity, sustainability, financial freedom, and not having to choose between time with your family and time to work. In this house, YOU are the boss and this is exactly where you’re going to learn every single skill necessary to take you from pie-in-the-sky to money in the bank.

C’mon…you knew you were in before you even finished reading this page. Don’t listen to your parents: give in to peer pressure just this once.



The schedule

Check out the schedule of this incredible event.
Choose your own adventure.