The Evolution

Of boudoir


Boudoir photography is hardly a new concept. With the first official camera being invented in the late 1800’s, the genre of boudoir photography really started coming alive in the 1920’s. What was a salacious and even controversial budding style of female-only, bedroom photography has now evolved into so much more.

Today, boudoir photography embodies so much more than a setting or even a wardrobe type. It’s a feeling that is passed onto the viewer and an exploration that is no longer confined by definitions and boundaries. It’s a visual story that can be understood by one single image, and an experience that takes you from where you are, to where the subject lives inside of that photograph.

The mood, the tone, the message…sensuality, wanting, fierceness, sex, art, power, fashion, beauty, vulnerability. It is the truest form of empowerment and is now more “un-defined” by any way any photographer chooses to empower themselves and their client, encouraging self-exploration, challenges on gender norms and knocking down those barriers, all to celebrate each person individually and limitlessly.

Though boudoir photography is specific, in its own right, is the blurring of fine lines between the genres that allows us to grow our artistic approach, while bringing our clients along for their own, individualized journey.

Don’t just push boundaries; break through them.

Elizabeth Craig
Photographer, Educator & ABOB Founder