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Lindsay Adler

Fashion photographer Lindsay Adler has risen to the top of her industry as both a photographer and educator. Based in New York City, her fashion editorials have appeared in numerous publications including Marie Claire, In Style, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and more. As a photographic educator, she is one of the most sought-after speakers internationally. Lindsay enjoys teaching on the industry's largest platforms and most prestigious events. She has worked with some of the top brands in the photographic and related industries such as Canon and Adobe. Her client list consists of NBC, Grey, Edelman, Saatchi & Saatchi and more.

A clean, bold, and graphic style has become the hallmark of her work, whether shooting advertising campaigns, designer look books, jewelry, hair campaigns, fashion editorials, or professional athletes. Lindsay is renowned for her creativity and collaborating with designers and stylists in order to create fresh looks.

Lindsay’s energy and enthusiastic teaching style showcase her excitement to share her passion and knowledge with others, whether it is world-wide through prestigious platforms such as CreativeLive, KelbyOne, and the industry's largest conferences, or through her blog, video tutorials or her five books.

She is located in Manhattan shooting fashion full time. She is honored to have been named a Canon Explorer of Light as well as a ProFoto Legend of Light.



Cost Effective Creative Shoots with live demo

Have you ever felt dull, uncreative, or just out of ideas? Invigorate your creative spark with Lindsay Adler in Cost-Effective Creative Shoots! Lindsay will show you a range of creative techniques that’ll bring new energy to your work. You’ll learn about:

● Discovering your creative process

● Finding inspiration in personal projects

● Adding interest with creative might modifiers

Lindsay will share creative concepts you can replicate for less than $20. She’ll also share techniques you can use to push yourself to try something new.



The Human Form (fine art nude)


Artists have studied and captured the nude human form for centuries. Photographing nudes can be a truly artistic and liberating experience focusing on concept, light and form. You can shoot abstracts, powerful compositions, and the stunning contours of the human body. Still, successful nude photography takes a great deal of thought and preparation. You must consider location, lighting, props, posing and more in order to execute a striking nude image. The lecture portion of this class covers inspiration, finding and selecting models, equipment, posing, lighting, basic retouching and more! You will learn tips for interacting with the models, ideas for poses, and foolproof lighting techniques. This class also includes shooting time. The students will have time to photograph the models in a variety of posing and lighting situations in order to build confidence and experience.




Jen Rozenbaum embraces her femininity while allowing women to embrace their own.  By daring her clients to shed their clothes, they begin to shed their inhibitions.  In the last ten years, Jen has found a burgeoning audience in the intimate photography market and is now sharing her shamelessly feminine movement with women worldwide. She proves that you can own your world if you live fearlessly, think audaciously and act spontaneously.



8 Points of Posing for Boudoir and Beyond

The true definition of a successful pose is one that makes a client look as good or better than real life. In this class, Jen Rozenbaum will show you her tips for posing women of all shapes and sizes by teaching you her fail proof  "8 Points of Posing" technique. 



Boudoir Techniques


Working one on one with boudoir clients can be intimidating and vulnerable for both the photographer and client.   In this hands-on class,  Jen will demonstrate how she works with her clients while teaching subjects such as lighting, posing, and gear. Then Jen will provide guidance to the attendees as they work with model, helping the photographers up their boudoir game. 



michael sasser

Hello Friend! Nice to meet you! I am Michael Sasser your instructor for this course and I am so excitedto get you. I’ve been shooting professionally for 11 years. Can you believe it? Because I can’t. My first job was photographing children’s sports for 16 hours a day in the dead of summer for less than $10. I decided that I needed to make a change if I was going to make this a real living. I photographed high school senior portraits, headshots, weddings, even music videos and wedding videos until I found boudoir. Now i’ve been exclusively a boudoir photographer for over 3 years, improve the lives of my clients, have the time and income to travel and I can’t wait to help you reach your goals.




Efficiency in Your Business: The 7-hour Client

How much time do you invest in each client? What if I told you that you could save a few hours with everyone? How would that change your life?
In simple terms, the less time invested in each client from inquiry to product delivery, the more money you make in an hour. In this lecture, I will teach you my best practices on how to create the highest efficiency within your business, without compromising the client experience, to increase profits, while giving you back one of your most precious commodities: time. 

You will learn:

  • The software that has changed my life. 

  • The emails and templates that are personal enough to make a client feel special, but general enough to use with everyone. 

  • The workflow I use from start to finish that will keep the average amount of time you spend with your client to roughly 7 hours, including consult, hair and makeup, photoshoot, editing, sales session, and product orders.


Setting Your Mentality: Why You are the Bottleneck  

In this lecture, I will discuss how you can teach yourself how to get the work done, take those risks, and get closer to your goals. We will be covering why we do 90% of the work and then stop at the last 10%. I will take you on a deep dive into fear and how to overcome the emotion that is keeping you from the success waiting for you. 

I will teach you my tricks on how to turn that fear and procrastination into permission to conquer that last 10%, which is the part that matters the most.



Photography in motion


So often people say that my images look like they were caught in a moment. All of my clients must be naturals in front of the camera; it is the only thing that makes sense as to why everyone looks so comfortable in the pictures. If you have ever had a stiff client, had trouble getting variety in your images or felt like your photos were stagnant, I will show you how to use motion in your photography to get the images that you want. 



Marissa Boucher  | the boudoir divas

Marissa Boucher is the owner of The Boudoir Divas, a studio that has photographed over 4000 boudoir clients since 2006,  some flying in from all over the world for a shoot with her team. She also owns a Production Company that does destination shoots, music videos and commercial work. She has been teaching since 2006, and is honest about her struggles and how she overcame them to create a six figure business that focuses solely on female subjects.



Get The Girl.
How to Create a Style and Brand that Women Have to Have.

Boucher’s studio “The Boudoir Divas” has photographed over 4000 women, some of them flying in from all over the world! They book her repeatedly, even joining on her on her exotic destination “Adventuress “ shoots, because she knows how to make them look and feel amazing. This class isn’t just for boudoir photographers, but for anyone who photographs women! She will share how to create a look, style and brand that women have to have. Marketing is her strongest forte, so she will be sharing her secrets, and she will be giving out her marketing checklist to everyone in attendance.



Be Cool. Always. 😉😎


I, Marissa Boucher, owner of The Boudoir Divas, have had over 4000 women seek out our photography! I believe I've dialed in what women are looking for and I'm going to discuss my formula for getting exactly that. From the most wanted flattering poses, believable expressions, to freeform edgy art. I will show you how to create hip and beautiful photos even when you are in blah conditions - how to keep your cool when feeling overwhelmed...while getting even cooler photos. We'll wrap up shooting outside and grab some killer shots that will make potential clients have to book you. You will walk away with an actionable plan that will get you more sales and beautiful portfolio images. 




Exploring her vision of female liberation, empowerment and complete self-acceptance, Elizabeth Craig created a brand that not only encourages women to embrace their own struggles in these things, but also to push their own boundaries and challenge traditional ideas of womanhood.

Her free-spirit approach to life and genuine, authentic nature is what allows her to intimately connect with her subjects. She provides an experience that grants her subjects a profound and real connection to their own images, with the hope of inspiring journeys into self-love. Her creativity and dynamic talents have brought life to her true passions: women and photography.

Though Elizabeth has taught and mentored throughout her 15 years in the industry, it was in 2017 that she formally merged her passion for photography with her passion to teach. Through her online platform, in-person teaching, mentoring, and as the creator of this very conference, she has been thrilled her secrets to her success with an audience that is ready to be inspired and propelled into their own rewarding and prosperous boudoir photography business.



Top 20 Secrets on How to Book More Clients

The question I am most often asked is, “How do I book more clients?“. In this ever-growing competitive genre, the importance of implementing a real strategy that gives you real results is one of the most important business steps you can take. In this lecture, I will teach you my top 20 secrets that will help you achieve maximum inquiry and booking results, and begin to set your business on the path of growth and sustainability. Each attendee will receive my pre-designed digital social media marketing calendar, my pre-designed digital marketing planner, and my downloadable PDF guide to accompany this class.





One of the most prevalent fears a photographer faces in a photo session is being in front of a client and blanking out on what to do next. Early in my career, I realized the advantage of having a list of go-to flow poses that I could access instantly to fill any void, when necessary.

In this hands-on shoot experience with live models, I will teach you how to achieve 22 easy poses, only having to move your client into 3 different areas: a bed, a couch and a wall. In addition, you will learn how to turn each pose into 3 different captures, giving you 66 possibilities. BONUS: I will also walk you through how to nail expressions, and what to do when you can’t. Each attendee will also receive my downloadable Flow Posing Guide.



Ryan muirhead

Ryan is an artist interested in using photography to explore what it means to be human and the world around him. He spends his days making personally significant images with old film cameras. His sincere belief in the power of art to be able help us understand who we are, heal emotional wounds, and bridge divides between us, drives a passion for teaching both the technical and artistic elements of photography. He currently resides in Portland, Oregon.



Ghost-Shaped People

Ryan will share some of the most meaningful and personal images he has made over the last decade as well as the stories and technical information behind them. Thoughts on life, death, art, beauty, connection meaning and how strange it is to be anything at all.



Connection & Emotion: how to achieve expressive sincerity



Photography is an inherently confrontational activity. Both the photographer and the subject have to overcome expectations of what they “should” create to be able to truly express themselves. Ryan and Britta will share and demonstrate a shoot that focuses on connection and emotion over expected outcomes. Perspective and advice will be given from both the photographer and model side helping the students to better understand how to make images with more emotional sincerity and personal value.



Jessica Rae

Jessica Rae was born and raised near Vancouver BC, Canada. Her love of photography started at a very young age. She had her start before the digital era and her love of film and cinema is present in her work today. Jessica is best known for her dark and moody aesthetic and creating variety in any space she's in. One of Jessica's goals is to create a sense of story with her images, this goes beyond the subject to include her surrounding environment and the atmosphere. Everything plays an integral and connecting role in her artistry. While she is predominantly a natural light photographer, she loves to play with all facets of lighting. She strives to separate herself from traditional studio photographers and feels a greater connection with documentary and lifestyle images, with an edge of editorial.

Jessica-Rae02922 web square.jpg


Part 1: Creativity Thrives in Adversity

Jessica will discuss how anxiety ruled over her most of her life but she has made a conscious effort to live in gratitude and ignore the lies that anxiety (aka society) would whisper in her ear.She will talk about some of her challenges and success throughout the years and you will find out what she learned about herself in this process and how it can inspire you to be more confident and content in your own journey.

Part 2: Making the Most of your Environment

As an intimate life-style photographer Jessica uses her environment to help create variety and atmosphere in her imagery. Learn the foundations of Jessica Rae's shoot style as she covers her 4key points to creating variety.



Dark & Moody Imagery


It's easy to get stuck in the trap of relying solely on your gear and ignoring your gut. Throw the traditional rules of 'what should my meter read' out the window, and let Jessica show you to trust what ou see and not what the rules tell you. She will debunk some of the misconceptions that people tend to believe about dark and moody images. As well, she'll show you that it's not about post production, it's about shooting with intention and learning to read the light. This course will help you create dark and moody imagery with confidence.




Taylor is an almost-30-something internet individual of infinite invisible illnesses. Photography has always been the mainstay of her personal and professional lives and that started at the same place most do; weddings. From weddings she transitioned into boudoir + IPS and then BodyRock came along and she switched into full-tilt hermit mode and spend the next 4 years rebuilding the branding, messaging and content for the largest online fitness community in the world. Once she took that job as far as she felt she could physically, financially and morally, it was time to set off into full freelance fuckery. She took her experiences working in traditional studio and sales settings and married them with creating content centred around clicks to shape and shift her personal style and approach to portraiture to what it is today; focused on raw, powerful, translatable emotion. Plus a lot of butts.



The Introverts Introduction to Erotica


Sex is actually really gross - but those are usually the best parts. Regardless if you agree or disagree with that statement, this course is for you. I’ll either change your mind or we’re already friends and just don’t know it . This course aims to take the shame and uncertainty out of erotica. You will learn how to infuse erotic subjects and imagery into boudoir, lifestyle, and traditional portraiture in a social safe and explicit manner. We'll go over developing themes from the ground up and incorporate power dynamics to enhance your imagery.

We’ll breakdown and compare shooting both live and simulated sex and their differences emotionally and technically.

This is extremely emotional and vulnerable work for both you and your models, so we'll also cover the best techniques for setting expectations as well as the most effective ways to communicate them.

Sarah W - Shot by Jeremy Cowart.jpg


Sarah witherington

OWN Boudoir studio was founded in Atlanta in 2012 by Sarah Witherington. Since 2012 OWN has welcomed over 1000 women around the country to discover their OWN beauty through the experience of a boudoir session. We are most proud of our ability to connect our clients with a portrait of themselves–the self they may have forgotten existed.



What if Photoshop didn’t exist?


What if the image that you took in camera was the final image that you would show your client? Meaning: no skin smoothing, no liquefying, no lighting/exposure adjustments. What if you could feel confident delivering unedited images to your client? In this course I will teach the importance of getting the image right IN camera as well as demonstrate how to do so. Attendees will learn the seemingly minor adjustments that have a major impact (I call these “major minor” adjustments) that will cut down on editing time, make your client feel like you’re a magician, and give you the confidence to show images straight out of the camera.

Part 1: teaching how to prep our clients to look their best (wardrobe-prep and skin/ beauty prep) and listing the major minor adjustments (while showing examples) that we can watch out for when posing our clients

Part 2: a Hands-on shooting experience where attendees will put to work the fundamental tricks that were learned during part 1.



britta elle

Britta’s portraits range from her dream state self portraits to an ongoing outdoor series with her younger sister. Using both digital/ film and still/video imagery she manages to create a soulful connection between what is beautiful and what is weird.



Self Portraiture 101

This class will discuss how self portraiture will make you at photography and why it’s an important practice for all photographers. We will cover basic topics like how to take a self portrait that’s actually in focus and the necessary equipment to methods that will advance your self portraiture and take it to the next level for those who already know the basics. All throughout the class there will be an overall theme of resourcefulness and working with what you have.






Photography is an inherently confrontational activity. Both the photographer and the subject have to overcome expectations of what they “should” create to be able to truly express themselves. Ryan and Britta will share and demonstrate a shoot that focuses on connection and emotion over expected outcomes. Perspective and advice will be given from both the photographer and model side helping the students to better understand how to make images with more emotional sincerity and personal value.

5c5a02e83ea2e23c63e38d6a_Luke copy.jpg


luke gottlieb

Luke Gottlieb, also known as ‘Victor Of Valencia,’ is a Denver/LA based fashion and lifestyle photographer. Having shot with brands such as Free People, L’Oréal and Honey Birdette, Luke has made a name for himself in the industry. His moody, yet beautifully posed photographs are a staple to his style. It’s about the narrative most importantly for Luke, and this is what he’s been able to create time and time again. Traveling constantly, Luke works with many of the biggest U.S. modeling agencies including  Wilhelmina, NEXT, Women Model Management and many more. As a Colorado mountain native, he has infused many aspects of his love for landscape and the outdoors into his work as well.

In addition to photography, he plays in a very active rock band based out of Denver. The years put into touring with the band, traveling for photoshoots, and teaching online and in person workshops around the country, Luke has been a full-time artist for many years. 

A kind soul and good timer approach to life has made him a very affable artist. It shows through his work and it shows through his interactions.



Editorial Fashion Shoot


Fashion photographer, Luke Gottlieb (Victor Of Valencia), creates an editorial shoot for us to watch, shoot and learn from. With a full team of makeup, hair and wardrobe stylists present, we will get to take an inside look into the process of shooting a professional model and creating a narrative to present to a potential client. We will get to see multiple looks with the same model and be able to pick his brain throughout the process on what he looks for when shooting an editorial.

Chad & Rob _byraquel-24.jpg


Chadwick braithwaite

I started photography 15 years ago after working in electrical engineering. I store my clothes, car and paperwork in Salt Lake City, Utah; where I have a studio and amazing employees that take care of me and make sure I don't lose my keys and my brain. I travel worldwide for destination weddings and commercial photography.

I am always working. I dream about working, and when I’m not working – I’m thinking about working. I absolutely love my job. I am rarely serious -- It is so boring. Music inspires me from Elvis Presley to Lady Gaga. I actually choose a SOTD each day and listen to it over and over. (Yes, I am that guy!)

I have clients from NBA players to DoTerra, White Claw and Miss America and many more. Lucky for me I got to quit my job and do what I love TRAVEL! I talk to everyone I can and love making new friends across the globe.





As a wedding photographer, engagement photos are a staple session or ours. As I began to shoot more and more couples, I started to fall into my niche of the couple getting a little more intimate than just holding hands and kissing in a flower field. As photographers we always strive to pull more and more emotions from our clients…. What’s more emotional than feeling like you are about to rip off each others clothes? Yes, Marvin Gaye will play during this session on repeat!



Lesley Bodwell

Hi! I’m Lesley, a digital and film fine art photographer based in Arizona + California. I shoot weddings, maternity, and boudoir with a light and airy, yet colorful style. I am married and have a son in college + 3 cats. I am obsessed with succulents, so much so, that I started growing them as a hobby. I love to be outdoors, hiking, sunshine, margaritas and yoga pants! When I am not working, you can generally find me soaking up some fresh air and sunshine!

TMP_Headshot_LB124 copy.jpg


Photographing Maternity Boudoir with a Romantic & Fine Art Approach


In this class, we will focus on the art of maternity boudoir.  My primary objective when photographing an expectant mama is to help her feel beautiful at a time when she may be lacking confidence in her physical appearance.    We will focus on posing and detail shots as well as how to gain your client’s trust when speaking to them.  During the shoot, Lesley will demonstrate the lighting and angles she looks for as well as provide attendees guidance on posing with confidence and maximizing your clients experience.